18 Tips To Help You Help A Grieving Friend

A friend is an individual whom one likes very much and who is not part of one’s family. “A Friend in Need is a Friend Indeed” is a saying that defines the most significant feature of a real pal. In this article, we will talk about some vital points that you can utilize to assist a grieving friend.


Giving a patient listening is very important to reduce the grief of a person. Be a compassionate listener to share the pain that they are undergoing.

Reach out to the grieving

Your presence is enough for the grieving so be present there even if you do not say anything or try to solve the problem.

Silence is not a bad thing

Never force the bereaved person to talk. Hug them, hold their hand and you must know that silence is not bad.

Let the bereaved talk about the deceased

Let the bereaved person talk about the deceased and you listen carefully. This helps the person to cope with the grief faster.

Do not minimize the loss

Never compare the grief of the bereaved person with any other person. Let the person feel that feeling of grief is natural and incomparable.

Avoid these phrases

You should never use words like “it was God’s wish”, “I know how you feel” etc to the bereaved. This will make them feel worse.

Spend time with the bereaved

It is important to spend time with the bereaved. Let yourself engaged with the person in talks, shopping and daily household chores.

Do not try to “fix” the problem

If you are not a professional, you must not provide solutions to the grieving friend. Let them feel that you care for him/ her and are always there for help.

Give them space

Give the grieving person some time to be alone. Give them some space even though you are very close to your friend.

Reassure them

You must understand the mood swing of the bereaved. They may be fine one day or may be completely devastated the other day. You must assure them that you are there for them.


You can console your grieving friend by presenting some photos , diaries or other items that are associated with the loved ones.

Beware of the mask

Grieving people may hide their actual feeling and you must not force them but you can always make them feel that you are there for them if they want to open up with their actual emotional pains.

Be aware of the holidays

Invite our bereaved friend for dinner or you can have dinner at his /her house so make them feel comforted.

Don’t shy away from saying the deceased’s name

You must take the deceased name because by doing this you are actually acknowledging the loss and keeping the memories alive.

Keep your promises

If you promise your grieving friend of something please keep the promise. Try to keep the promise failing which may make them feel even bad.


Laughter not only keeps us healthy but it is the best medicine for grieving people. Crack funny jokes and discuss funny incidents with your grieving friend so that he or she feels better.

Look out for the signs

Many people try to take their own lives because of their grief. As a close friend, you must keep an eye on your friend so that you could notice if there is any suicidal tendency in your friend.


Grief can be overcome with love. Let your bereaved friend feel that he or she is loved by others and he or she is not alone. Do not let the person feel secluded.

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