What is Bhuiya Portal , How to see B1, P2, and Bhu-naksha

Bhuiya is a CG-government initiative to digitalize the steady and time-consuming process of obtaining the land record and information situated in Chhattisgarh or “khasra” information, B-1, P-2, and obtaining the “bhu-naksha” of land.

This portal has been turned out to be a very good initiative as far as citizen convenience is concerned. The citizens of Chhattisgarh state can easily browse the official website of CG-Bhuiya. They can see all the desired information regarding their land or other lands as long as they have the land number called “khasra number” in hindi .


CG Bhuiya portal Information

According to the official site of bhuiya is the digitalized database of all the land records of Chhattisgarh state. The bhuiya is divided into two parts first one is “Bhuiya,” and the second one is “bhu-naksha,” where bhuiya facilitates information related to the “khasra” and bhu-naksha facilitates the map of the land. Apart from these services, citizens can online apply for the property registration as well .

Website Url :https://bhuiyan.cg.nic.in/
Useful for :Citizen of chhattisgarh state
Initiated By :Government
Information that can be obtained B-1 , P-2 , Bhu-Naksha

What are the key features of bhuiya :- 

  1. Citizens can see B-1 and can also take the printout of the same.
  2. Citizens can see P-2 and can obtain the printout of P-2
  3. Citizens can see the “bhu-naksha” map of the land.
  4. Citizens can apply for property registration. 
  5. citizens can see the status of their property registration 

How to get B1 and P2 of land (बी 1 और पी 2 कैसे प्राप्त करें ).

  • To get the B-1 first visit to official site .
  • To obtain the B-1 you should have “khasra number” or it can also be searched by name as well but the khasra number method is preferred .




  • After that click on Digital signed B-1 / P-2 APPLICATION as shown above .
  • Then click on choose village

b-1 - 2

  • After selecting all the three fields District , tehsil and village you will get two options to search for B1/P2 either by “khasra number” or by “Name” you can choose any however i prefer khasra number .


  • If you have selected by “Name” Enter the name and hit search .
  • Or if you have selected by khasra number “khasra vaar” select the khasra number .


  • At last select the one B1 Or P2 which ever you want to get .
  • Fill in your name , mobile number , and e-mail ID and hit on the report button to get the document .
  • After hitting “Report” button a pdf file will open in the browser containing your desired document you can either print it out or can save it as PDF to print it later .


How to get the “bhu-maksha” (खसरा नक्शा देखे)

  • You can go to bhuiya site and navigate to “Naksha-dekhe”



  1. First fill the District field , then Tehsil , RI and village
  2. Then at the top left corner fill in the khasra no.
  3. then click on “Khasra Naksha” as shown below .


  • After then you will be redirected to a new page where you can get both the printable as well as downloadable file as shown below .




So this was a brief information about how to get B-1 ,P-2 and naksha .


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