CSC UTI Pan Card Application Process Detailed 2021


Hi guys, welcome to our blog. Today we will discuss how to apply for a new pan using CSC uti. This is a utiitsl service integrated with the CSC service for the village level entrepreneur VLE’s, which helps to apply for a pan card and even get it quickly compared to other portals.

csc uti

We are very well aware of what CSC is, those who don’t know CSC stands for common service center it is run and designed by the government of India to promote the small shop and business owners to work along with the government services with some other private services as well such as PAN Card creation, electricity bill payment, insurance, mobile recharge, making labour card etc . and earn an income along with that called commission.

How To Apply Pan Card Using CSC Uti Service

  1. To apply pan card using CSC uti service, you need to have a CSC ID, and if you don’t have one, you can apply for one here.
  2. After getting a CSC id, or if you have a prior account, go to your digital Seva portal. You can click here to go.
  3. After that, log in with your credentials “Username” and “Password” and log in.
  4. Once logged in, you will see your dashboard .
  5. Click on the services tab.

6. After that, click on the Search tab and type “pan”, and choose the one with UTI mentioned.


7. After then click it.

8.A new page will open, which will be utiitsl page click on the click here button.


9. After that hover over APPLY NEW PAN Then on Application for new form 49A

new pan 1


After that, there are multiple options.

  • You can apply via two modes Physical mode and digital mode.
  • I prefer physical mode because sometimes, the digital pan card we obtain doesn’t have a signature on it in digital mode. After all, it is digitally signed.
  • Use status of applicant as individual if you are applying for personal pan card .


  • Make sure to apply for both e-pan card and physical pan card in this option. You will get both the e-pan card and the physical pan card that will be delivered to your home.

Csc Uti Pan Application Steps

Step 1 :-

  • After then on the first page, fill in all the fields. They are simple, as shown below.


  • You have to make sure that you leave the office state field empty if you want to get it delivered to your home.


  • Then click on next .

Step 2 :-

  • In the second page select documents Proof of address , Proof for DOB all as aadhar card in copy .2nd page


  • Then click on Make payment .

Step 3 :-

  • There it will ask for your credential and it will cost you around 97 Rs/- .

Step 4 :-

  • After successful payment you will be redirected to CONTACT AND PARENTS INFORMATION PAGE .
  • Then scroll down and fill your fathers name as well and hit next step button .

Step 5 :-

  • On this page you have to enter your ADDRESS  , fill your resident address here .
  • Scroll down and choose your Source of Income and click on next step .

Step 6:-

  • In this step you just have to click next , this field is for uploading documents but as of now this field doesn’t support this and you have to upload documents in the other step .
  • click Submit .

As soon as you click submit you will see an acknowledgement form as shown below


  • Now click on download PDF Form as shown in above picture .
  • After downloading the form it will be prefilled with all the information you have entered .
  • You just have to attach two picture on it and have to sign. it and upload it .

How to Upload the form filled by you :-

  • To upload the form Just hover to New Pan >> and upload documents as shown above .
  • There you have to upload the filled form , an photo of 300 DPI and An signature of 600 DPI
  • And click on submit .

You are done you have successfully applied for PAN Card using Csc uti .

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