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Google has all the answer and easy connectivity and low internet prices has made us addictive to Google. We started to prefer searching on Google instead of learning and remembering things. These habits have adverse effect as it will stop us from remembering things but we are not going in that direction.

Google Search Bar

Different phones from different manufacturers are available in market and when it comes to android smartphones, one this is common i.e. Google apps. Various apps from Google comes as per-installed and you can’t delete them as Google owns android. Google bar is a widget that you mostly found on your home screen in any smartphone.

You might found this annoying as it block some area of your wallpaper and doesn’t looks good,but sometimes it found useful. We will recommend if you don’t’ like it to cover your wallpaper, the don’t remove it, better to resize it. Don’t forget to check how to  resize image in cm.

If you had accidently deleted or remove Google search bar from home screen and you are in search of how to get Google search bar back then don’t worry, Solution Existfor this problem and tutorial is for you. In this post,we will see how to restore google search bar.

Google search bar on Home screen – Google search widget

The person who googles a lot might feel annoying to unlock phone, then open google chrome and search. For those, search bar Google has various app and among those, Google now is one of them. To get the search bar, you need to check if google app is installed  or not. Here are the steps to install google app in phone. Skip the below steps if you had app already.

Steps to install Google app in Android

Step 1 –  Unlock you smartphone and open Google play store

Step 2 –  Now click on search bar and enter “Google” and open first app and install it.

Step 3 –  Incase you want more convienet way then click on Download Google app

Now you had installed, you can move further with the tutorial. Now as you are prepared for the process, let us dive into the tutorial.

Steps to Restore Google search bar – Get chrome search

Step 1 –  Unlock your android smartphone, tap and hold for few second till you enter in edit mode

Step 2 – Now you will see widget option.

Step 3 – Click on widget option and scroll, here you will find various widget.

Step 4 – Tap and hold on chrome search bar and move your fingers a bit to get back to the homepage

Step 5 – Place the widget to the place you want and you are done.
Note – you can change size of the widget by getting into edit mode.

This was the method you can use to put google search bar on home screen.

How to remove Google search bar

If you want to remove search bar from smartphone home screen to have a clean wallpaper look or you want space for other apps icon, you can follow the below steps.

Step 1 –  Unlock your smartphone and move on the page where search bar is placed

Step 2 –  Tap and hold search bar also known as chrome search bar. Option will appear on the top of screen. (It may vary from android version and launcher)

Step 3-  Move widget to the remove button and you are done.

In this way, you can remove chrome search bar from home screen.


Wrapping up

This was the tutorial on how to it back on home screen. If you have any problem related to restore google search bar then feel free to use comment section, we will help you to deal with it. We had also describe the steps to remove chrome search widget incase you don’t want in on your homescreen. In meantime don’t forget to check

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