How To Use Netflix On Chromecast Using Smartphone?

You can watch and stream videos from your mobile to your TV through Chromecast. You have to connect your device to a wireless network in order to stream your favorite videos from Chromecast. You can connect Netflix to Chromecast and Chromecast to your device on which you want to watch the videos. In order to do so, first of all, you must have a Netflix subscription which is free for the first trial. The second thing you require is the device on which the Netflix app can be downloaded. Such device can be a desktop, laptop, or smartphone.

Setting up Netflix on Chromecast –

In order to set up Chromecast on your TV, put Chromecast on and connect it into HDMI or HDMI 2. You must ensure that your device like your smartphone should also be connected to the same network as your Chromecast. Now we will see the procedure of watching Netflix on iPhone.

How to watch Netflix on Chromecast through iPhone?

Take the following steps.

1. Install the Google Home app on the iPhone.
2. Connect the Chromecast to a wireless network.
3. Install the Netflix app on the mobile from the App Store. You need to use your credentials in order to install the app.
4. Select your desired video for streaming. You will see the Cast icon on the upper right. Click the icon.
5. You will see a popup from where you can select your iPhone or Chromecast. Tap Chromecast and start watching the video on your TV.
6. If want to pause or stop the video, tap the blue bar on top and you will be able to access the controls from where you can stop or pause the video.

How to watch Netflix on Chromecast through Android?

The process is very similar to iPhone.

1. Install the Netflix app on your Android phone.
2. Connect your Chromecast to Wi-Fi and insert in the HDMI port of the TV.
3. Search the video for streaming and click it. Now watch the video on the TV.

You can view many types of videos through Chromecast if you are in the USA but if you live outside the country then you may receive Netflix error. Netflix can be subscribed from any part of the world but many countries have restrictions on certain types of videos. In order to resolve this issue, you can use a VPN connection. The VPN providers have many servers worldwide so you can get connected to thousands of servers worldwide.

The five best VPN for Netflix are –

• ExpressVPN
• NordVPN
• Cyber Ghost
• GoldenFrogVPN
• TorGuardVPN

Resolving problems related to Chromecast or Netflix

There can be problems in Netflix or Chromecast as every technology has. But for every problem, there is a troubleshooting option. The main issue that the people face is buffering so we will see how to resolve this issue.
If you are facing buffering problem then switch off the wi-fi router and switch it on again. If you find firmware updates then update the router. Apply the same solution for the modem. Another issue can be Quality of Service or QoS. This feature is available with almost all the routers to manage the traffic. You can switch off the QoS and check if buffering is going well. If you feel that the problem is with the Chromecast, restart it. This may solve your problem of buffering.

So it can be said that setting up Netflix and watching videos from it through Chromecast on TV is very easy. Users can either use their iPhone or Android phone for this purpose. Users can also connect their laptops or desktops with their mobiles and watch the videos. Laptops and desktops can also be connected to the TV via Chromecast and users can watch Netflix videos.

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