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Intra Haryana portal Overview

So here in this post, we’ll be giving you every detail about the Intra Haryana portal as the Haryana government has come up with this portal which is beneficial for the employees of Haryana. Intra Haryana portal is an essential login portal created by the NIC. The online website is designed to help as many Haryana employees as possible. 

 Haryana employees can get online information related to their e salary slip, annual property return, biodata and online leaves, Tour model. As for a better experience, an application has been created by the department, which is named Karamchari Sahayak App. So here in this post, we will give you every detail about the Intra Haryana portal 2021. We’ll be discussing how you can log in to the intra Haryana portal and how you can register to it.

Intra Haryana


For the State government employees of Haryana, the Haryana government has developed an automated digital system. The intra Haryana helps Haryana employees to avail themselves of services such as GPF statements, annual reports, salary, and many more. The official address of intra Haryana

The portal is modified from time to time to receive all services online, and they don’t need to visit the HR officers anymore.


The government of Haryana created this service, and the mobile application developed for this work is called  karamchari sahayak. The service by this application is only applicable to government employees in Haryana. 


Services that are available on the intra Haryana portal 2021 


The officials used to offer multiple services for the employees of the Haryana government, and here are the services provided by the intra Haryana portal online. 


●    E salary Haryana

●    GPF Account Services

●    Annual Confidential Report

●    Annual Property Return

●    Service Book

●    online leaves and Tour Module

●    About GPF account services


How to register for the HRMS Employee portal


Every employee first needs to register at the portal to log in to the website. 


  • Visit the intra Haryana official website, which is After that, click on the new registeration.


  • You’ll be redirected on the new page now you have to enter your employer, type your payee code, and bank account number. Note, you must check before you submit. When you verify it, then click on the submit button. 

New registeration

  • Step 03, you’ll get two options when you submit the details 
  1.  “see mobile No from E-salary” 
  2. Show mobile No from HRMS.” You have to update the OTP in e salary and select the option in Mobile number.

input information

  • When you’ll update the number then you’ve clicked on the submit button. Then you’ll receive the OTP on the selected mobile number.


  • incase if you didn’t receive the OTP, you’ve to click on “Regenerate OTP.”


  • when you’ll receive the OTP, insert it, and click on submit button 


  • when the OTP gets verified successfully, you have to enter a password, and then you’ve to re-enter the password you created, and then you’ve to click on the submit. 


  • When you click on the submit button, you’ll get the notification of registering to the HRMS portal successfully. 


By following the simple steps, you can easily register into the Intra Haryana portal.


How to login in Intra Haryana portal 2021


When you register, and if you’ve registered already, you need to know how to log in to the Intra Haryana portal

You have to follow the given steps, and then you can easily log in to the Intra Haryana portal.


  • To login into the Intra Haryana portal, you need to visit the official website of the portal at www. intra


  • when you visit the official website on the homepage, you’ve to click on the option of login for Haryana portal 2021. 


  • Now, you’ve to enter the details to log in, which is your payee code or Mobile no, and then you’ve to enter the password you’ve created while registering. 


  • After that, you’ve to enter the captcha code given below. 


  • After entering the captcha, you’ve to submit and log into the Intra Haryana portal department. 


How to fill online leaves using the portal 


To fill online leaves, you have to follow a small process : 



  • when you visit the official website on the homepage, you’ve to log in using your payee code or phone and password. The user has to register at first by following the given steps. 


  • On the account page, you’ve to select the online leads and tour module. And then click on my leave from the menu option.


  • then you’ve to click on apply for leaves if you need the leaves, and by using it, you will arrive at a new page, and there you’ve to fill the application provided by the portal. 


  • you’ve to fill in all the information, then click on the save option. 


  • The system will show you how many pending leaves are there from the left menu.


  • you’ve to select one of the options pending approval, pending leave, leave status. 


  • you have to select your option and then enter the information regarding the leave you want. 


  •  Also, you’ve to fill in other details if required while taking the leave status. 


You can quickly access the leave by doing this process, and the leave process will be completed successfully. 




So here in this post, we’ve given you every single detail about the Intra Haryana portal. We hope you like this post and receive valuable information from it. If you find this helpful, then make sure you share it. 


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