List of Hindi Dubbed Movies of Allu Arjun

Allu Arjun is the famous Megastar of the Tollywood (the Telugu film Industry) industry. Apart from his acting, he is also regarded for his quintessential fashion sense. In Down South Kerala, he is regarded as the Mallu Arjun as he is regarded as the iconic figure of south cinema. He has a huge fan base in the Bollywood dominant cities like Mumbai and the northern region, thanks to his appealing physique and charming looks. He started his career at an early age as a child artist. This is the reason that now a day’s his popularity has transcended the barrier of language and is now equally popular in north India and other states. He married in 2011 with Sneha reddy, breaking up the millions of hearts. He is famous all over India for his Romantic as well as comic films in which he performs so realistically that it grows on the viewers and made them instantly fall in love with his on-screen as well as off-screen personality. His increasing popularity has made him so dear to the people that now his movies are dubbed in Hindi. if you haven’t seen them due to the language barrier then here is the complete list of Allu Arjun’s Hindi dubbed movies:

  1. Gangotri dubbed in Hindi as Gangotri- the film has a supernatural element in ii. The movie is based on how a girl born with a curse due to which her entire family had to relocate to the Himalayan region of India. There she fell in love with his childhood friend but their romance gets constrained due to family issues and supernatural elements. The rest of the story follows how they both unite overcoming all the odds against them.
  2. Arya dubbed in Hindi as AryakipremPratigya-the film has a rare combination of romance and comedy. The film explores the story of a man who has a one-sided love for a girl that refused his proposal at the very beginning. The story has a love triangle twist and both the boys try to woo the girl with comic relief.
  3. Bunny dubbed in Hindi as Bunny The hero- the movie has a thrill element with comic relief. The movie follows the life of a boy who loves the daughter of a high executive and proposes to her. The parents retaliate at first but later they accept the couple. Before the marriage, the boy asked them to name all their asets after him as dowry. The reason behind this serves as the base of the remaining story.
  4. Desamuduru dubbed in Hindi as Ek Jwalamukhi- The story is settled in Mumbai and Andhra Pradesh. It is a story of a TV director whose life is torn in between his family problems, rebel, and love life.
  5. Parugu dubbed in Hindi as Veerta the power- The story follows the story of a group of friends who were forcefully brought to a village because they are suspected of helping the village head’s daughter to elope with her lover. The quest to their search serves as the interesting plot of the remaining story.
  6. Arya 2 dubbed in Hindi as Arya ek deewana- The film is a love triangle between two best friends. Although their friendship was suffering from some times since the very entrance of a girl in their life, it gets worse. Both of them struggle to get her love and get into different situations, which is comical as well as has a robust action.
  7. Varudu dubbed in Hindi as Rakshak- The plot follows the story of a modern working man who has just grabbed a job in the US and has fixed an arrange marriage going by the wish of his parents. On the day of marriage, the girl gets kidnapped and the rest of the story serves as the fascinated mixture of romance, agony, and action.
  8. Vedam dubbed in Hindi as Antim Faisala- Vedam is a multi-character story of five people. All the characters are very different from each other yet are interlinked by a strange course of incidents. It includes a prostitute, a Muslim, a cable operator weaver, and a rock star.
  9. Badrinath dubbed in Hindi as Sangharsh aur Vijay- The story is about a man who is the head of the army which is made for the protection of all the ancient Hindu temples in India. He falls in love with a girl name Alaknada who is visiting Bhadarinath with her family. Falling in love made her realize the power of God but this is not all, she has been followed by a deadly don to marry his son. The rest of the story is about the struggle for love and god.
  10. Julai dubbed in Hindi as The Dangerous Khiladi- The film is based on the journey of a man who wants to make quick money, get himself drag in a robbery case. Torn in between the mafia and the police, the plot of the story is very interesting.
  11. Iddarammayilatho dubbed in Hindi as The dangerous Khiladi- This is a romantic thrill story. It has a love triangle, money and is largely shoot outside of India. The mind-boggling twists are another high point of this film.

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