List Of Hindi Dubbed Movies of Mahesh Babu

Mahesh Babu is a famous superstar of the south Indian film industry. He is regarded as the most influential south Indian actor in India, thanks to his amazing physique and charming looks. This is the reason that now a day’s his popularity has transcended the barrier of language and is now equally popular in north India and other non-Telugu speaking states. He is the Husband of Bollywood actress Namrata Shirodkar. He is famous all over India for his action-packed films in which he performs impressive stunts and does a lot of street fighting.

His blockbuster films are regularly made in mainstream cinema and one of them was wanted, which was the remake of his popular film “Pokiri”. His increasing popularity has made him so dear to the people that now his movies are dubbed in Hindi. In past, a lot of dubbed versions of his films have been released and if you haven’t seen them due to the language barrier then here is the complete list of Mahesh Babu’s Hindi dubbed movies:

1. Murari dubbed in Hindi as Rowdy Cheetah- The movie has supernatural content in it and is based upon the story of a family which is cursed by Goddess Laxmi, with which’s effect after every 48 years one of the members of their family has to die and this time it is the turn of Murari who is in love with a girl. The rest of the story follows how he struggles to revoke this curse.

2. Bobby dubbed in Hindi as Dag- the burning fire-the film’s plot is based upon the family rivalries and the loving relationship between their children. It has high in family drama.

3. Raja Kumarudu dubbed in Hindi as Prince No1- this film has comical and comedy content. The plot is how a man and his uncle try to get acceptance for the marriage for the man’s marriage from its perspective in-laws.

4. Khaleja dubbed in Hindi as Jigar Kaleja- Khaleja is a movie that has thrill, comedy, and drama content in it. The stry is based upon the spreading of a mysterious illness in the village and how a taxi driver reluctantly gets them the cure.
5. Nijam dubbed in Hindi as Meri Adalat-The story is about how a man’s son and wife, who was killed by a gangster, take revenge for his death from a mafia lord.

6. Businessman dubbed in Hindi as No1 Businessman- It revolves around a man, who comes to Mumbai to become the biggest mafia don of the city. He does extortion, killing, and finally kidnapped the police commissioner’s daughter but falls in love with her. The rest of the story revolves around his love, corrupt politicians, and police.

7. Arjun dubbed in Hindi as Maidaan-E-Jung-The story follows the relationship of a brother and sister. It revolves around the plat that how a brother constantly saves his sister from conspiring in-laws.

8. Takkari Donga dubbed in Hindi as Choron ka Chor- The film revolves around a diamond mine and a con mater

9. Athadu dubbed in Hindi as Cheetah-The story revolves around the life of two gangsters. The one is bad and the other is good.

10. Athidi dubbed in Hindi as International Khiladi: The Iron Man- It is a revenge drama set in key places like Delhi and Andhra Pradesh. It has a romantic element as well but most of the story is violent and based on seeking revenge by a man who is charged and prisoned for the murder that he didn’t commit.

11. Pokiri dubbed in Hindi as Tapori Wanted- the film is based on the life of a thug who gets involved in the dirty politics of two rival gangs in Hyderabad. In between them his love and personal life are torn apart and the police is also behind him.

12. Sainikudu dubbed in Hindi as Ab Humse Na Takrana- This film is based upon revenge and has a high-action drama. The story revolves around how a man and his team reveal the true face of a corrupt politician after kidnapping his to-be wife.

13. Dookudu dubbed in Hindi as The Real Tiger-The film is about a policeman and his father, who is an MLA. The duo gets through a rough patch with some comical situations and comedy but the story has a darker side too.

14. Nenokkadine dubbed in Hindi as Ek Ka Dum- It is a psychological thriller film based upon a rock star’s past and present conflict.

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