Top 11 Snowboard Documentaries To Watch In 2021

Snowboard is a culture that is quite popular in areas with snow as skiers and snowboarders ride mountains expressing themselves through clothes worn, tricks, and stunts . and any one who loves this sport should definitely watch Snowboard Documentaries .

The culture gained popularity in the 1960s before it was later adopted as a sport at the Olympics in 1998. However, most skiers and riders see it as a culture more than a sport in the 21st Century as they usually teach you something if you want to train or supplement your skills.

Snowboard Documentaries

Most of the films are centered on real-life stories of professional skiers, some who have passed away some who are still alive. They aim to educate the public and develop the newbies into this young sport, which is fascinating.

Here are some of the documentaries and movies that have a snowboarding story to share with their audience:

11 Snowboard Documentaries To Watch In 2021

  • Deeper

This is more of a film with three parts. The first, which was known as Deeper, was shot in 2010. It led to the build-up of the other two movies entitled Further and Higher Shots in 2012 and 2014, respectively.

The trilogy of films reveals snowboarding as they showcase how the athletes walk, live in tents, and ride in places where people have never been before, showing the adventure within the snowboarders.

In addition, the production also hints at the effects posed by the sport as most often athletes change their attitude towards the mountain, and in most instances, those who fail to adapt usually get injured or die. deeper is a great Snowboard Documentaries to watch

  • Apocalypse Snow

One of the oldest snowboard films was shot in 1983, but it is one of the must-watch movies when you decide to understand the world of skiing.

The film helps the audience to understand the origins of snowboarding, encompassing the first professional skiers taking part in the entertainment industry to be broadcast on television.

Most learners should use the film as it is filled with old–school jumping and freeriding compared to the complex stunts, which can make it seem unachievable for beginners.

Apocalypse helps people understand the early stages of development of this sport before it was incorporated into Olympics.


  • Learn to board, watch, learn, ride

This is more of a How-To film as it includes mini-lessons and master classes of basic skating, how to start snowboarding, which board to choose, how to dress, where and how to ride, and how to choose a slope more appealingly as compared to other productions.

To add flair to the film, they used professional snowboarders who teach the audience how to stand on the board, slide, turn, brake, jump, and do basic tricks with an analysis of widespread errors making it easy to start your snowboarding career from a movie.

  • Full Moon

One of the popular films to grace our televisions as the main actors are women revealing women’s existence in the sports circles.

The production took two years to complete as they thrived on inspiring posterity and future generations of snowboarders.


  • The Art of flight

The film is ranked one of the best, considering the stunning stunts, incredible landscapes, quality cinematography, and excellent soundtrack, which 3D compliments these days.

Over the next coming years, it will remain as the source of knowledge that helps improve riding and handling of the snowboard by serving as a link between the snowboarding world and the rest of the world.


  • McConkey

A documentary released in 2013 is based on the life of Shane McConkey, who passed away at a tender age after having shown prowess in the sport, which included freeskiing, knack stripping down to nothing, crossover into the world of base jumping.


  • Steep

Although it seems like an old-school documentary, the concepts are still relevant today if you are a snowboarder. The film takes time to look at the behind-the-scenes of big mountain skiing while it made athletes appear to be more relatable people, not just merely stuntman.


  • Pretty faces

One of the new items on the block, having been released in 2021 with an angle of revealing the expeditions of women in the skiing spheres as modest as possible as it is not cutesy, preachy, or filled with tired clichés by encompassing women of all age groups.


  • Snowboarding for me

The concept used to film this production is more of studio interviews of the professional skiers ranging from pioneer and revolutionary since the sport is still young and it was released in 2014


  • The little things

One of the fresh items on the market when it comes to snowboarding as it tackles environmental issues by revealing the sustainable lifestyles and skills that are implored by the skiers when they camp for over months amid big mountains in search of new slopes that have never been skied

In addition, the theme of sustainability is shown by how it spearheads environmental responsibility as accessible and achievable at the same time.


  • The crash reel

The documentary is based on the life of Kevin Pearce, and Shaun White in their build-up to the 2010 Winter Olympics as Pearce suffered a brain injury, thereby making him liable to have his career ended.

These Snowboard Documentaries reveals the action, emotion, and passion as it is more than Pearce’s recovery from injury but instead strong family bonds and the importance of not giving up.


Whenever you feel like you cannot hit the hills, these movies and Snowboard Documentaries  can assist you to spend your day inside as you are guaranteed laughter, tears, tricks, and other views.

Since the production allows us to experience the previously unseen extremes as it helps develop, educate the public, and inspire the newbies who get to understand the incredible landscapes, impressive stunts, communication with like-minded people, speed, and drive.

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