The Top List Of Best Laptop For Programming For Developers

Computer programmers contribute towards various technical developments. They deal with the software within a computer to bring out something very useful for mankind. But, they also face various challenges while they proceed with various computer programs, games, and apps development. One of the difficulties which they have been facing is the use of the poor configuration of the laptop. Thus, it is a must for them to get a laptop that comes with the highest configuration. We will discuss some of the best laptops for programming for developers.

Problems the programmer’s face –

Due to the low configuration of laptop, the developers suffer from some typical issues. Some of them are as follows:

• The system start-up becomes extremely slow. Loading drivers, booting, etc takes huge time. The computer programmers won’t get such a long time to waste.
• Another issue which they face is the fragmented hard disk drive. Some companies do this to reduce the cost of the laptop or desktop. But, ultimately the user must suffer. Yes, due to a fragmented hard drive, the computer become extremely slow.
• Sometimes page file so configured may be done incorrectly. This will give rise to several error messages. As a result, there arises a variety of issues even with the window’s page file.
• Network issue is another problem with the poor configuration computers. There may not be a direct impact on the network speed on the computer. But, still, there are some disruptions with the download of files. This is because the reception is disturbed.
• One of the major concerns in laptops and desktops now a day is protection. You can find many viruses and spyware getting to your system while you are using the internet on a regular basis. If you are using laptops with good configuration, the firewall will be strong. Thus, your computer is saved. These can be the best laptop for programming for software developers. But, if the configuration of your computer is low, this can give rise to a virus attack. Naturally, your important files and folders will be corrupted.

What facts to consider before buying laptop?

You must keep a note of a variety of factors while buying a laptop. Following are the facts:

 Screen quality- You must have heard about the term, ‘screen resolution’. This is an important fact to consider while you are buying a laptop. If the pixel does not divide even in very large picture files, this means the screen quality is good.
 CPU- This is going to be a major concern when buying a computer. Due to upgrades in technology the previous configuration of the CPU has changed. The core has got many upgrades. Today, you will find up to core 15- core 17.
 RAM- You must be aware that the latest laptop and desktop comes with greater RAM. Previously only 1- 2 RAM was enough. But today, people are using computers for various purposes. Graphics and programming make it heavily charged. Thus, greater RAM such as 4GB – 6GB is needed for the best laptop for programming for developers.
 External ports- The external ports help the other files and folders to be viewed in your system. I some laptops and desktops you can see the external ports are very less. But, there are many upgraded computers where the ports will be adequate. You can connect your internet device, pen drive, speaker, etc through these external ports.

List of best laptops for programming for software developer

1. ASUS P-Series P2440UQ-XS71

This is one of the latest laptops manufactured by Asus which is known for its great mobility battery life and configuration. You will get this laptop in latest variation. Yes, it comes with core i7 and windows 10. Are you thinking about the price? This laptop manufactured by ASUS is very affordable.

 Design- People are too inclined towards the design of a laptop before buying it. ASUS P-Series P2440UQ-XS71 does a great justice
 Processor- If you are the software developer looking for a laptop, the processor will be primary concern to you. This one is available with 7th gen intel core i7. Dual core kaby lake processor is available too.
 USB ports- You will get total 4 usb ports within this computer system. The maximum is of 3.0 variation. There are usb 2.0.1 as well as VGA ports also.

2. Lenovo ThinkPad E570
Lenovo has upgraded its devices and brought Lenovo ThinkPad E570 in the market with all superior functions. This one is available in different variations. For example, one of the variations has 8GB RAM and 120GB solid state drive. Similarly, other variations are 500GB drive space. There are variations like 16 GB RAM and 240GB disk space. The best laptop for programming for developers is here to be chosen.
 Operating system- OS is an important part while considering a laptop. This one comes with Microsoft windows 10 Pro x64.
 Processor- The programmers will take this feature at first. The Lenovo thinkPad comes with intel dual core processor
 RAM- You will get 8 GB RAM here
 Display- The screen size is quite big with the size of 15.6”. Viewing movies and graphics will be easy.

3. Dell Inspiron i5567-3655GRY

Dell is one of the best names among the branded laptops and desktops available in the market. The brand has the best laptop for programming for developers. You will get the best display as well as a processor from this brand.


 Processor- You get the latest processor with core i5 7th generation. Best for game players
 RAM- People concerned about the RAM will get it in an 8 GB variation.
 Storage- People need more storage as pictures have become better in resolution. You get this one with 1tb space.

4. Apple Mac Book Air New (2017)

Apple or Mac Book is one of the brands, which every individual or professional will be willing to avail. This is the best brand in the market with regards to processor, speed, space, and display.

Features of Apple MacBook Air New (2017)

 Processor- The processor you will get over here is a 1.8 GHz dual-core intel i core processor
 Storage- This has the variation of 128GB SSD storage
 RAM- 8GB standard RAM is available

5. Apple MacBook Pro

This is the latest variation of the apple device which comes with RAM of 16GB, 1TB space, and the touch bar. The graphics card is upgraded. The picture you can see here comes with a color widescreen.


 Graphics- You will get the graphics of integrated intel Iris 550
 RAM- The RAM over here has 16 GB variation
 Storage- You will get enough storage with 1TB SSD

Conclusion – The above-mentioned laptops are the latest in variation. If you are a computer programmer, choose among these to get the best variety. You can now get the best laptop for programming for developers.

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