Tnreginet Registration , Features of the portal , and different How-to’s

Tnreginet is the online portal which has been developed by a well renounced IT Company of india , Tnreginet has been exclusively developed by the government of tamil nadu to facilitate and ease the different govermental registration process and obtaining the various necessary document .

Tnreginet Registration , Features of the portal , and different How-to’s

The old time has passed where citizens of the state used to go to the office and queue up for any registration and fetching documents from the government office . the online era has drastically simplified the manual process of filling forms , waiting days to get it submitted , and for even getting the desired documents . along with the ease the online era has also increased the transparency of the whole process

Because with us for next few para we will be discussing how to register to the Tnreginet portal , different feature , and many how to question which you might be wondering

About Tnreginet

Tnreginet is the online portal by the government of tamil nadu for the citizens of tamil nadu , government has made it very easy for the citizens regarding various governmental/official things such as registering for Death certificate , birth certificate , marriage certificate and many other which comes under government scope such as checking stamp duty valuation , Calculate building value ,Register and check status of EC Certificate .  users can simply register on the portal regarding various services provided by government without manually visiting the separate department and filling forms with pen and submitting and waiting for long .

Some Important Information About Tnreginet


Name Tnreginet ( Inspector General Of Registation) Tamil Nade
Official Website
Mode Online
Service Registration and checking status of various services provided by government such as EC Certificate , birth , death , marriage etc.


Various Services offered by Tnreginet

There are various services which Tnreginet provides online and makes the process hessel free for the citizens some of them are listed below :

  • Online registration for birth certificate .
  • Online registration for marriage certificate .
  • Online registration for death certificate .
  • Online registration for EC certificate And checking the status for EC certificate .

Tnreginet Registration Process

  • Registering on the Tnreginet portal is very easy and convenient , we have shared a detailed guide on how to do that , you just have to put the general information about yourself and get registered
  • Browser Tnreginet Official Website
  • After the website has been loaded , navigate to the top menu and search for Registration tab , hover your mouse over the menu , there will be drop down . then click on user registration


  • After you click user registration a registration form will open as shown below :


Tnreginet registration



  • As you can see the form is very basic and easy there are no complicated information’s asked
  • There are * marks which are mandatory to fill and you can’t skip those however there are some of the optional field as well which can be skipped
  • The user classification field is important , in that field If you are regular citizen or user select citizen only not others
  • Rest of the information’s are easy to fill .
  • After completely filling information’s , fill out the captcha code and you will receive OTP ( One Time Password in registered Mobile Number )
  • Fill OTP And complete registration .

A Glance of EC Encumbrance Certificate

  • Encumbrance Certificate portrays about all the properties Which a registered user has
  • It also gives us overview of all the transaction regarding the properties a user has .

How to apply for any document

  • The first step is to register on the portal which we have already discussed above .
  • After that login with the login credentials , after login you would be served with Create Application Option .
  • After that click on fill document and fill all the required documents needed by your side .
  • Once the application is filled completely click on submit
  • Make sure to note down any reference No. or details

How to apply for  Encumbrance Certificate using Tnreginet

EC Certificate apply

  • First of all open the official site of Tnreginet
  • After then login ( if you have already signed up ) or signup using above procedure if you have not created your ID Earlier
  • After then click on apply Encumbrance Certificate on the home screen .
  • After clicking on it new window will open with EC certificate for fill out the form
  • Fill all the mandatory fields and click submit
  • Note down or save all the necessary information such as reference ID for tracking status .


How to search EC Certificate in :


To search the EC Certificate first you have browser the official page of  Tnreginet

After reaching out hover over the navigation menus at the top

There you will find out the option E-Services

Hover over E-service then EC then view EC click on view EC

A new page will open requiring all the details as depicted below

Fill out the zone , district , sub registrar office , EC Start date ,EC End date ,village ,survey no.  and captcha and click on search .

How  to track EC Status :

document status

  • Open the Tnreginet web portal
  • Navigate to the top menu , then hover over the more option
  • After hovering above more , a drop down menu will appear in the last option of drop down menu
  • You will see the Document Status option click on it
  • Then choose correct option among deed number , registration number and search .


There are lot of option for citizens apart from EC Such as

  • Marriage certificate ,
  • birth certificate ,
  • dath certificate
  • locating stamp vendors
  • society registration
  • firm registration
  • land registration
  • duty and fees etc.

you can easily find all the options once you open the official site and search in the top menu

Most of the options are available in MORE option so make sure to check that , it is very convenient for the users and time saving too compare to manual procedures .

Contact Information and helpline For Tnreginet

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