Wow Search Engine Complete Information and It’s Alternatives

Search engines are heart of the internet , without these engines it will be very much hard and chaos to find any thing on the web , Web hosts the massive collection of information and to search any thing out of that you must use these engine like wow or any other .


What Is Wow search engine

Let us understand how does search engine works in general , as stated the web hosts tons of information from all around world , each information on the web is hosted on a particular server , to reach out to that server and request the information one has to have the IP Address (or url )uniform resources locator of that server .

Suppose you want to know any information about bikes and if the search engine is not available you must have the url of that particular page

How does these engine works and makes it easy for us ?

The job of the these engine is  search the entire web and get the most relevant information for us , no matter what we search we don’t require the exact url with these engines , search engines serves the best results and urls for any searched query .

Well that is quite interesting but have u ever wondered how does it works  :

Each of these engines let’s say wow search engine and many other engines have their own crawlers , which crawls over the web , storing all the keywords and relevant information in their search index and than they use different algorithm to server the best result for any search query on search engine

About Wow Search Engine

Wow has been in news from quite a while  , people have mixed opinion about it , this engine is powered by bing and it is developed by AOl the us based company , we personally tested it and it has produced great search results for our query and served the purpose for why it is made .


How To use it   :

Wow Search Engine

  • It is pretty simple and straight forward
  • Just go to .
  • After that put your search queries and hit the search button .
  • You will see the results after hitting the search button .
  • There are some other good and top notch engines along with wow we have shared a list of some of the good search engines.

Some Other Top notch Search engines  .

Google :

Google is the no.1 search engine we have till date , the google search engine is web search application founded by Larry page and sergey Brin , google started back in 1996 , google has acquired any other giant web technologies such as famous video sharing website  youtube and many other , google now days is in other technologies such as cloud computing .

Yahoo :

Yahoo is the second largest search engine present earlier yahoo was founded by jerry yang and david filo in January 1994 , yahoo is owned by verizon media , after some time yahoo also started proving free mailing services however after some time it’s popularity went down and google is still no. 1

Bing :

Bing is the third largest search engine , owned by Microsoft , Microsoft is the giant windows operating company , it has grown exponentially over the time with it’s investment on many other software companies Microsoft was founded by the famous name bill gates , Bill gates is currently no. 1 richest person in the world .

Yandex :

Yandex is an russia based search engine . yandex is the same company that developed MS-DOS , yandex search engine was launched in septermber 1993 , yandex also launched it’s advertisement network back in 2001,  as yandex succeed with time time yandex also opened it’s beanches in different country like ukrain , USA , germany and several other more countries , currently yandex has office in nearly 17 countries with many new ventures as well .

CC Search ( Creative Common ) :

Creative Common Search engine is developed by an USA based non-profit organization to spready the creative works through out the work it was founded back in 2000 and later they have also created a search facility where you can search any images, or videos for your project or blogs for free .

Ecosia :

Ecosia was launched in 2009 , ecosia is a Germany based search engine company , this company works for the noble cause and donate it’s 80% of the revenue for the reforestation , initially the company was tied up with yahoo and wikipedia to show up the best results for search but later it came up with it’s own algorithm tied up with bing the search engine developed by microsoft . ecosia further concluded that it respects the privacy of the clients and do not disclose or the sell the users search data .

Duck Duck Go

Duck Duck Go is an USA based search engine company having total of 100+ employee , just like ecosia the duck duck go also gives much importance to the users privacy by not logging the ip address , users information the company was founded in 2008 , duck duck go is tied up with major SE.  players like yahoo , bing and other crowd sourced networks like wikipedia to show up the search results it works on the revenue sharing system with it’s allies  , in 2010 duck duck go launched anonymous browsing features and in 2011 it also started voice search options was basically launched as an question answering solutions it was started in 1996 , but later was more focused on being a search engine instead , after competing with some of the major companies like google and yahoo , in 2010 it again turned it’s way of being a question answering site again , in 2001 ask acquired teoma ( Teoma was also an search engine company founded in 2000) and in 2005 ask it self was acquired by IAC ( iac is an american holding company that holds the shares of other companies IAC generally hold the shares of media and digital internet companies ).

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