Zooqle Alternative Torrent Sites That Work in 2020

Zooqle is considered as the most authentic torrent site as all the files in it are verified in this platform. It means your desktop, laptop or mobile devices will have less chance or say no chance of obtaining viruses.


But while trying to shut it down quite a few times, a change in its user-friendliness has been detected. So, because of this it becomes very tough to create an account or login to this website. Since signing in is needed for interaction with the website, here are some other alternative options of Zooqle that are similar and valuable.

Zooqle Alternatives Which Is Best in 2020

  1. Pirate Bay


Beside Zooqle it is one of the leading free torrent sites on the Internet. This is a user-provided platform, which means anyone can upload torrents on the site to share with the world. You can download torrents without logging in.

One disadvantage of using The Pirate Bay is that it will not give you Metalink. Instead, you can download the file directly, which is not bad. However, Metalink will give you the advantage to download files faster.

In order to facilitate the downloading of files, The Pirate Bay has clearly classified the database and classified all torrent files into its category. These seeds come in various forms, including video, audio, games, applications, and so on. In addition, there are clearly marked buttons to guide your navigation.


  1. ISO Hunt


In the torrent industry It is considered as one of the new name. Although it is still young, it has recently been closed, but it can be returned with a new modernized URL.There are some legal issues regarding URL changes, but it is still an active and useful torrent source.

For those who need the latest movies or TV series, ISO Hunt is a good torrent source. Compared with other torrent sites, its file list is refreshed more regularly.Sometimes you may encounter situations where you want to download your favorite music, movies and games. Usually, new movie theaters will be released late, or one has their own movie theater at home to watch the latest movies in HD quality. The Internet has come to the game. Network resources include various media, games, programs and documents. All the information in the world is online. You only need to use the correct location and software to download it to your PC.


  1. iDOPE


iDope is similar to the interface of the Google search engine. Like any search engine, iDope also provides you with multiple vertical search options when you are looking for a specific title. This will enable you to easily go to the desired file type.

For example, if you searched for “Star Wars” and you want an e-book version instead of a movie, you just need to go to the “Books” vertical search.

The 2020 iDope Kickass Torrent search engine is a completely secure and simplifies private torrent search, it will not track you at all. iDope is now in full use, and its outstanding features have been added to the “idope.se” website for our dear users who need to download unlimited torrents without any trouble or use any kind of Proxy/vpn.


  1. KickassTorrents


Like Zooqle KickassTorrents is also one of the largest torrent sites which is known by us. Earlier It was closed, but the owner of the site was able to restart the platform with a new URL. Despite its simple layout and interface, it has a complete file list, including movies, e-books, software, etc.

It is very useful site for the user. You need not create an account to operate this interface. But please remember always search the original one of this torrent sites as it had been closed earlier.


  1. Torrents


On its homepage you will get a graph which will show you popular torrent downloads. You can also browse various torrent files using different category folders. The platform is considered a complete source of torrent files because it also grabs content from other sites.

Before any interaction with this site, it is recommended that you download and install VPN software to protect your identity. But please be careful while you are installing VPN software. It could have a piracy issue. Also see the proxy setting in your PC or laptop.

  1. YTS


YTS will be a good option for the concern of torrent downloads movies. It has a basic interface that lets you flawlessly look through different film titles which can be downloaded on your PC or your laptop.

The HD quality movies can be downloaded in the smallest size. So aside from extra space faster download can also be experienced. User who has the space problem can easily chose this site. You can create a database like info centre here. Mostly in India it is very useful site. You will get easy access of YTS on internet world.


  1. 1337X


1337X is considered to be a nice interfaced based torrent site. It has a different identity as compared with zooqle. Its latest version is different than zooqle. Its is considered the top torrent site now a days.

The letter could have been useful if you are not sure what you want to download. But yes, yes you have to remember that your IPS provider is tracking your IP address and location. So you have to use VPN.


  1. Lime Torrent


This torrent site is carrying pretty simple design. It has easy navigation with enriched torrent files with specific way. You need not to create an account to download the torrents.

One more advantage of Limetorrents is you won’t get any advertisement in this site. It has good download space also.


  1. Torlock


You will get torrent recommendations on its homepage. If you have a wish to upload torrent for public you can sign up. You will be happy to hear that if you want to download some files then you don’t need to registered yourself.

Easy navigation is one of the plus points for this interface. You will get tab for torrent-related news and top 100 downloads.


  1. Torrent galaxy


In this torrent site you will get all types of files. You don’t need an account to start downloading. But for forum section participation registration needed. You will get plenty of advertisement on this platform.

Here you will get an offer of VPN which will be offered by their internal team. By this system you can keep your information safe while browsing torrents.


  1. Magnet DL

magnel DL

If you tell MagnetDL is a minimalistic site you are wrong. It has huge directory of magnet links. You can download movie faster than other torrent sites. But while you are downloading something you need BitTorrent client in your PC or laptop. You will be happy to know that it is very well known site in the torrent site list.

For video content you can directly download through link or from stream video. Anyway it will give you super quality which you can give you a relief. Like zooqle it is also one very useful site for movie lover.


  1. ETTV


This is very simple website compare to other as well as it offers wide variety of torrent download. One of the uniqueness of this site. Here also user don’t need to create account for starting. Although for forum section you need an account.

Good thing is file list is updating regularly. So easily user will get the latest releases which are available in this site. You don’t get advertisement on this platform. One more important thing is it will be loading faster.

  1. BTDig

This website belongs to Brazil with first DTH search engine. You will happy to know that it has faster download platform with good quality of content. Means 2 advantages with one platform speed and good quality. It is the most unique feature for this platform.

Here also you need not to create account for downloading. The site interface is very easy to navigate. If we talk about the download speed which is also decent. Mean you will get relief while you are downloading any file.


  1. Monova


It is not like Zooqle. By Monova you can only download that one which is already exist in this platform. But Monova’s functionality is as same as like earlier site. Again you don’t need to log in or register while downloading any file. If you want to contribute to the site then only you need to register.

You will get rapid download speed. but the problem is there are lots of advertisement inside the site. So, you have to search original file and download which is time being. User have to be careful while he or she downloading any file because you have to swipe out the ad first then only you can get the reach of original file.


  1. Public Domain Torrents


You want some old or classic movies? In this torrent site you will get this. Some 20th century film you may get but it is only a few. Without having an account, you can download. In this platform simple coding has been implemented which will give you an advantage of easy navigation.

In this torrent site user won’t get a thumbnail but a screen will be there while you are clicking on the link. The negative side is there in this site. It is not so user-friendly. But the positive side is you will get classic movie in this site which will fascinate the classic user. Some classical movies collection has made this site unique and give comfort of its classic users.


  1. Internet Archive


It has a well decorated interface which is almost like zooqle. It has very easy navigation    system. In this interface you will get multiple free torrents by which you can start your movie downloading. Some good classic collection will be there. Which can easily be attract the user’s mind. It is very useful site also.

No account creation needed for some file download but if you want to get access the interface you need to create the account. Mean you have to log in or register. The advantage of this site it has zero advertisement and it runs faster also.


  1. Legit Torrents


This site is very easy to handle. Very simply and freely you can download movie, games, videos by this site. You won’t get any advertisement in this site. no user authentication needed in this site. Mean you don’t need to register.

It has some unique feature in this site. You not only can download movie from this site but also you can buy movie also. It is rare combination of this torrent site. If you face any issue while downloading any movie you can join Legit Torrent’s forum. This thing help you to download the files.


  1. Linus Trackers


This is actually the ultimate alternative of Zooqle. It is also useful for advanced linux user. They will get benefit from this site. But the important thing which you must need to know. Only linux operating system User can see the download files. So basically it is being operating by other operating system.

Linux operating system is not like the iOs and windows system. Lynux operating system is different form this two operating system. It is little bit of complicated also. User should have good understanding of programming and operating system. Oh! This site is also ad-free. And without account you can download any file.

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